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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Rental Car

8 May 2017
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Whether you're between vehicles and need temporary wheels, running business errands in another city or planning the ultimate vacation with your family, renting a vehicle should be an awesome, uncomplicated experience. The following information will help you get more out of renting and make the process smooth and seamless. 1. Research Your Options Thoroughly In addition to the cost of vehicle rentals differing from company to company, your rates will vary according to the day(s) of the week and other variables you have a lot of control over. Read More …

Limousine Birthday Parties: A New Way to Celebrate Your Big Day

8 December 2015
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When most people think of renting a limousine, they think about trips to the airport or fun transportation for weddings. However, with 38% of all limousine business falling into the leisure category, it's clear that people are taking advantage of luxury transportation for more than just logistics and marital reasons. One of the new and exciting ways that people are taking advantage of limousine service is to use them when celebrating birthdays for people of all ages. Read More …

5 Off-The-Strip Las Vegas Attractions You Should Use A Taxi For

21 October 2015
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The epicenter of Las Vegas is known as "The Strip." With multiple resorts and hotels, it's easy to access and features a number of attractions. As you visit the city, you will find that there are a number of attractions located away from the main strip. Accessing these attractions can be done a number of ways, but you'll often find that one of the easiest methods is a taxi service. For the following five attractions, using a taxi service offers multiples conveniences and it can help get you quick access outside the main strip of the city. Read More …

4 Stops To Make On The Perfect NYC Holiday Movie Limo Tour

7 October 2015
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Visiting New York City during the holidays is always a memorable trip, but it does come with downfalls, including bitterly cold weather, large crowds, and long walks to see a variety of attractions. All of the negative aspects can be avoided during your trip as you choose to relax and take it all in with style. By booking a New York City limousine service, you can enjoy all the views from the back of a luxury car. Read More …