5 Off-The-Strip Las Vegas Attractions You Should Use A Taxi For

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5 Off-The-Strip Las Vegas Attractions You Should Use A Taxi For

21 October 2015
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The epicenter of Las Vegas is known as "The Strip." With multiple resorts and hotels, it's easy to access and features a number of attractions. As you visit the city, you will find that there are a number of attractions located away from the main strip. Accessing these attractions can be done a number of ways, but you'll often find that one of the easiest methods is a taxi service. For the following five attractions, using a taxi service offers multiples conveniences and it can help get you quick access outside the main strip of the city.

Downtown Las Vegas

Aside from the main strip, one of the more popular areas in Las Vegas is "Downtown." Also known as Fremont Street, the area is closed off to vehicles and features some of the more classic Las Vegas casinos like the Golden Nugget.

With the area being closed off to cars, it can be hard to find parking around different access points of Fremont Street. Instead of driving around or paying for parking, a taxi service can drive you right up to multiple parts of the street. Whether you're looking to play poker, travel on zip line or watch the light show, a taxi cab can drop you off at an ideal location. Each hotel in the area also has a number of pick-up points for taxis so it's easy to get a ride back to your hotel.

Movie Screenings

A number of off-the-strip casinos are hosts to free movie screenings. These screenings are typically advanced looks at upcoming movie releases. To gain access to the screening, it's important to arrive early. Instead of trying to find the casino or good parking, a taxi can drop you right off at the entrance. This allows you to get in line and get your tickets without losing a potential seat. Taxi drivers can also guide you through shortcuts and side roads so that you arrive at the screening location early.

UNLV Events

The University of Nevada Las Vegas has one of the biggest campuses in the city and features extras like a football stadium and event arena. Getting transportation to various UNLV events is a lot more involved than just showing up on campus. A taxi can transport you to the UNLV football stadium, arena or various parts of the campus.

The football stadium is actually located miles from the main campus. Taking a taxi allows you to get dropped off right at the stadium to enjoy a football game, some tailgating, or other events that are held at the stadium.

Wedding Chapels

Whether you're getting married or attending a wedding, there can be a ton of traffic located near a chapel. Instead of getting stuck behind a line of limos or trying to find parking, a taxi can transport right to the wedding festivities. If you want to celebrate and drink a little, then a taxi is ideal for the ride back to your hotel. By booking the service in advance, you can ensure that you arrive on time and have transportation ready at the end.

Shopping Malls

Off the Las Vegas strip, you can find access to all types of outlet stores and malls. Spend a day finding cheap bargains and purchasing souvenirs for you and loved ones. Taxi services can bring you directly to the malls and help you pack in bags when you are done shopping. It makes it easy to travel mall to mall without the need to find parking or to have to pay for parking spots. A lot of the malls feature exterior entrances for each store, giving you the opportunity to get dropped off right in front of a storefront.

Booking a taxi ahead of time will make it easy to stay organized and follow a steady vacation schedule. When booking, it's a good idea to book both your ride there and back. For more information, contact a professional taxi service such as White Top Cab Company.