4 Stops To Make On The Perfect NYC Holiday Movie Limo Tour

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4 Stops To Make On The Perfect NYC Holiday Movie Limo Tour

7 October 2015
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Visiting New York City during the holidays is always a memorable trip, but it does come with downfalls, including bitterly cold weather, large crowds, and long walks to see a variety of attractions. All of the negative aspects can be avoided during your trip as you choose to relax and take it all in with style. By booking a New York City limousine service, you can enjoy all the views from the back of a luxury car. If you're a fan of holiday films, then there are four different stops that cater directly to Christmas movies. Browse through the stops that can easily be made during your holiday limo trip. You can choose to cruise by or have the limo pull over for a closer look.

Elf - Store Window Displays

In the modern holiday classic, "Elf," Will Ferrell comes from the North Pole to search for his real father and infuse even more holiday spirit into New York City. One way of doing this is by creating extravagant holiday window displays. These displays are not far off from the true displays found in the shopping districts of New York City. Large stores and small businesses go all out during the Christmas season to create festive displays, animated displays, and displays with all types of Christmas elements. When using a limo service, you can slowly drive by the windows and take them all in without worrying about driving your own car, paying increasing taxi fees, or dealing with crowded sidewalks. The sunroof of a limo also gives you access to a higher view of the window displays.

Even if you're unsure what stores to drive by, a limo driver can guide your trip. New York City limo drivers have a lot of experience with different areas and can showcase some of the most scenic window displays.

Home Alone 2 - Toy Shops

In "Home Alone 2," Kevin McCallister travels New York City the same way you can: in the back of a luxury limousine. One of his first stops is at Duncan's Toy Chest, a fictional toy store made for the movie. While this store doesn't really exist, there are plenty of New York City toy stores that can offer great holiday views and decorations.

Limo drivers can guide you past places like Toys 'R Us and F.A.O. Schwartz to showcase their holiday decorations. Giant teddy bears, nutcrackers, and over-sized present decorations often adorn the store exteriors. If you choose to park, you can explore inside the toy stores for even more holiday treats. Just like Kevin, a limo can pull up to the front of a toy store and make you feel like a VIP as you get to walk straight inside. A large limo also has plenty of room to hold shopping bags and presents that you purchase. These presents can be stored in the back of the limo or in the trunk. Limo drivers will also help you carry bags and pack them in the vehicle.

Home Alone 2 - Rockefeller Center

Another key scene in "Home Alone 2" takes place near the climax of the movie. Kevin visits Rockefeller Center to witness the giant Christmas tree in all its glory. This tree is an annual tradition in the city and is a marvel to see. If your limo is equipped with a sky roof, then it's a great time to pop out the roof and get a good look at the tree. If you stop off at this area, you watch ice skaters, explore a variety of stores, and see all types of Christmas decorations that are surrounding the large tree.

Rockefeller Center is surrounded by a large block. If you want to get multiple looks, your limo can drive around the whole block and showcase all different angles. Large windows and sunroofs give you all types of viewing options.

Miracle on 34th Street - Macy's Store & Christmas Wonderland

Both the original and remake of "Miracle on 34th Street" take place at New York City's famous Macy's store. After the Thanksgiving Day Parade passes, the store is fully decked out for the holiday season. A large amount of these decorations can be seen on the exterior of the store. There are multiple levels of window displays and exterior decorations. The Macy's store can draw a large crowd, making it ideal for you to relax in a limo. You can take in the sights without worry about traffic and other vehicles.

A lot of focus on the displays is also a tribute to Santa Claus. Kris Kringle is a huge part of the "Miracle on 34th Street" films and he is often featured in holiday displays. If you park and head in, you and your family have the ability to meet Santa and visit the store's Christmas wonderland. A limo can give you easy access points, so you do not have to park and walk a while to reach the store. It saves both energy and time to use a limo service.

Make a list of as many stops as you can ahead of time. This will help a limo company, like A Prestige Limousine, plan the best trip possible and with the least amount of delays.