Limousine Birthday Parties: A New Way to Celebrate Your Big Day

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Limousine Birthday Parties: A New Way to Celebrate Your Big Day

8 December 2015
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When most people think of renting a limousine, they think about trips to the airport or fun transportation for weddings. However, with 38% of all limousine business falling into the leisure category, it's clear that people are taking advantage of luxury transportation for more than just logistics and marital reasons. One of the new and exciting ways that people are taking advantage of limousine service is to use them when celebrating birthdays for people of all ages.

If you haven't ever planned a limousine birthday party, though, it can be difficult to think of everything. Fortunately, by keeping a few major considerations in mind when you book your transportation service, you'll be certain to have a unique and amazing experience.

Choose the Right Vehicle

With other social uses of limousines, such as visiting bars and clubs, the type of limo you choose isn't that big of a deal. So long as you have enough seating for all of your guests, a limousine is typically more comfortable and fun than the typical automobile. When you make the limo the focus of the entire event, however, it becomes critical to find the perfect ride.

The most important considerations here is the age of your guests. For a children's birthday party, you'll want to opt for a spacious vehicle. After all, children have a difficult time sitting still for very long! With adults, style becomes the order of the day; the objective with an adult limo party is to be seen, of course! In these scenarios is typically worth a few extra dollars to go with an upgraded type of vehicle.

Have a Definite Plan

Even though the limousine is the focus of a limo birthday party, certain events and scheduled stops are a likely component of your party. Whether it's a scavenger hunt around town or a long drive to a specific location, you'll need to know what your plan is before you book your limo. Things to consider include:

  • Environment—If you're going to be moving around a dense town or city environment, you'll need to choose a style of limo that can operate well in that environment. 
  • Dining—Many operators have specific policies about food options and drive-through food acquisition. Be sure to ask about this up front.
  • Liquor—Adult parties might require a party bus instead of a traditional limo if alcoholic beverages are a part of the mix.

Working with your limousine provider will make all of these things possible. That said, if you fail to ask upfront, you might find yourself with the wrong choice when it's too late to do anything about it. 

Check into Decorations

Since the traditional wedding limo, adornments and decorations are a big part of limousine service. For a birthday party, this is an important consideration. Some styles lend themselves well to a large amount of decorating, while other body types aren't nearly as good for this purpose.

If you're going to decorate the outside of the limo with streamers or window paintings, you'll be better served with an SUV body type or a party bus--simply because of the larger amount of window space. If the inside of the limo is where all of your decorations will go, you'll have more options. That said, be sure to check beforehand about company policy regarding decoration options, and always be sure to leave the limo as clean as you found it.

Whether serving as the focus of your entire event or simply an additional detail to add flair, limousine rentals are a great addition to birthday party plans for guests of all ages. If you keep these guidelines in mind when booking your service, you'll be certain to find the vehicle that will take your party to the next level.