10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Rental Car

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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Rental Car

8 May 2017
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Whether you're between vehicles and need temporary wheels, running business errands in another city or planning the ultimate vacation with your family, renting a vehicle should be an awesome, uncomplicated experience. The following information will help you get more out of renting and make the process smooth and seamless.

1. Research Your Options Thoroughly

In addition to the cost of vehicle rentals differing from company to company, your rates will vary according to the day(s) of the week and other variables you have a lot of control over. Knowing what you want and what you want to pay will help you select the most appropriate rental company for your needs and budget. Find out, too, if the company you're looking into accepts your preferred method of payment, especially if that's a debit card, as some only work with credit cards. 

2. Plan Your Use Meticulously

The company you rent from can better advise you if they know precisely where you'll be going and exactly what you'll be doing with their vehicle. Plan the mileage and terrain in advance, so they'll be able to make the best recommendation in vehicles to you. Knowing all this data ahead of time also helps you plan your budget more efficiently, even allowing for an early booking, which is often wise.

3. Don't Prepay for Fuel You Won't Use

Although it's a nice perk to slide behind the wheel of your rented vehicle and see the fuel gauge set to "full", this extra may not be necessary. If you've planned your rental experience well, you should know whether or not you're actually going to use an entire tank of gas. If not, opt out of this perk, to save yourself a few bucks.

4. Cut Out Other Unnecessary Extras

Because car rental companies have a lot of different tastes and preferences to satisfy, many add-ons and extras will be available to you. Things like car seats, GPS, insurance and other bells and whistles that some drivers insist upon could be unnecessary for your needs. Check over the list of options and eliminate anything you won't be needing and don't want to pay extra for.

5. Inspect Your Rental Beforehand

Although any company you rent from is likely to keep a meticulously-maintained fleet of vehicles, it's very important that you check your own rental out before driving away in it. Because you will be held responsible for anything that happens to the car while it's in your care, look at the body for any minor dents and scratches and check the interior for spills and stains. If you see something, say something, so the rental agent can note the imperfection was present prior to your assuming responsibility of the vehicle.

6. Inquire About All Possible Fees

Check on mileage cap fees, drop-off charges if you're renting the vehicle for a one-way trip and fees that may apply if you leave it at an airport. While it's reasonable to expect fees under such circumstances, you probably don't want to be surprised by them.

7. If You Want Something, Ask For It

In America, people love to love their cars and your rental vehicle should be no different. Even if you're opting for the most economical rental, see if you can rent one with the options that make you feel most comfortable. If you're splurging, ask the rental agent about something cool and unique, such as a kind of vehicle you have always wanted to get to know.

You can also be more practical about your rental, looking into a car with the highest safety features or best mileage. With most companies, you really have a lot of different types of vehicles to choose from, so make the most of the experience.

8. Compare the Daily and Weekly Rental Costs

It may be in your best interests to rent a car at a weekly rate if the days you need it are going to add up to close to that number of days. For example, if you've planned to rent for four days to keep yourself under budget, but could really use it for more, the difference in cost may be negligible, compared to what you'll go through by rushing your schedule into that four day period.

9. Consider Joining a Club if You Rent Often

If you rent cars frequently, it may behoove you to see if a rental company offers perks and bonuses when you join their frequent renters club. Some of the options you can't live without may be available to you at lower costs, should you opt to join the club.

10. Return it on Time

Not only will you likely be charged a late fee if you don't return your rental at the scheduled time and place, but it could actually be the price of a full day's rental. Check on the grace period for returns, which may allow you to show up a little late, but avoid being drastically off the mark, or your bill could go up considerably. Call the rental company, too, if you know you're going to be late, as this could possibly avoid the extra charges and would certainly be considerate to the rental agent handling your account.

While there are many details to attend to when you rent a vehicle, it doesn't have to be a complicated or tedious process. Plan ahead, know what you want (and what you don't want) and work closely with your rental agent, to get the most out of the experience. To learn more about rental cars, contact companies like Flash Vehicles.