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5 Off-The-Strip Las Vegas Attractions You Should Use A Taxi For

21 October 2015
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The epicenter of Las Vegas is known as "The Strip." With multiple resorts and hotels, it's easy to access and features a number of attractions. As you visit the city, you will find that there are a number of attractions located away from the main strip. Accessing these attractions can be done a number of ways, but you'll often find that one of the easiest methods is a taxi service. For the following five attractions, using a taxi service offers multiples conveniences and it can help get you quick access outside the main strip of the city. Read More …

4 Stops To Make On The Perfect NYC Holiday Movie Limo Tour

7 October 2015
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Visiting New York City during the holidays is always a memorable trip, but it does come with downfalls, including bitterly cold weather, large crowds, and long walks to see a variety of attractions. All of the negative aspects can be avoided during your trip as you choose to relax and take it all in with style. By booking a New York City limousine service, you can enjoy all the views from the back of a luxury car. Read More …