Tourist Tips: Why Having a Guide Matters

Are you planning a trip to a place you've never visited and aren't very familiar with? Learn why it can help having a guide.

Three Reasons Why A Party Bus Is A Better Idea Than A Designated Driver

24 November 2017
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Many communities operate "party buses" for Friday night bar hops. For a flat rate per person, everyone rides the bus from bar to bar, with a pre-selected list of bars for the "party" to go to. Almost no one on the bus knows each other, which makes the experience even more fun because you can meet a lot of new people this way. There are several more reasons why a party bus is a better idea than trying to drive around with a designated driver. Read More …

Consider Hiring An Airport Shuttle Service To Take You To Your Red Eye Flight

11 October 2017
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Flying often costs much less if you do it at night. The only problem with taking a red eye is that you often have to enlist a friend or family member to take you to the airport, which then inconveniences them. Hiring an airport shuttle service to take you to the airport can be a great way to ensure that you get the airport on time, without inconveniencing anyone you love. Read More …

Heading To Vegas For The First Time? How To Get The Most Fun Out Of Your Stay

15 September 2017
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 If you're planning a vacation to Las Vegas, you're in for a real treat. The city that never sleeps, truly never sleeps. If you plan it right, you'll be able to enjoy nonstop fun, entertainment, and excitement during your entire vacation. However, you really do need to plan it right. Otherwise, you'll miss out on a lot of the excitement. If you've never been to Las Vegas before, here are three simple tips that will help you get your money's worth: Read More …

2 Ways To Get The Aerial Footage You Need

21 August 2017
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When you need to have aerial footage for your movie, television show, or other production, it's not like you can just grab a camera and take a walk to get what you need. But, when you need it, you need it; otherwise, your vision won't work. So what can you do to get that aerial footage? Stock Footage Stock footage and stock stills are pictures and film that people have shot over the years and made available for other people to use. Read More …

Three Ways You Can Save Money On Your Charter Bus Rental

27 July 2017
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Charter bus transportation is already a great way to save money when traveling since they tend to be the cheapest out of the many other ways you can get around. However, if you are all about maximizing your savings while traveling, you will want to consider these three ways to save even more on your charter bus rental: Book Your Charter Bus Ahead of Time: Usually, booking your charter bus rental ahead of time is going to save you money, especially if you are using the rental during a busy time of year to travel. Read More …