3 Steps To Creating The Perfect Romantic Day On The Lake Your Date Won't Soon Forget

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3 Steps To Creating The Perfect Romantic Day On The Lake Your Date Won't Soon Forget

5 May 2018
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Now that you've decided to meet your upcoming date at the lake, it's time to start planning all the details. Following are a few prep steps you can take to help ensure that your romantic day on the lake is a date that won't soon be forgotten.

1. Rent a Private Boat

The first thing you should do when planning your upcoming date on the lake is rent a private boat to enjoy for the day. You and your date can spend your time in privacy while an experienced driver navigates the waters and takes you to interesting locations where interesting wildlife can be seen, and romantic swims can be enjoyed. And there won't be any distractions to compete with, which will help ensure that you have the full attention of your date through the end of the day.

Choose a private boat rental that has outside space for lounging and sunbathing in addition to interior space where you can nap and get away from the sun. A bathroom complete with shower should also be on board for optimal comfort and convenience. After a day of swimming and enjoying each other's company, you can both shower on the boat and get ready for a romantic dinner at a lakeside restaurant.

2. Pack a Picnic Lunch

It's a good idea to pack a large picnic lunch to accompany you on the boat, so you and your date don't end up having to go back to shore for food once you're on the water. Since you'll likely be in the sun all day, pack foods that are high in water content to keep you and your date hydrated. Grapes, oranges, berries, and melon chunks are great snack options. Hummus wraps filled with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato are filling and full of hydration. And protein-packed foods like sushi rolls and popcorn chicken are easy to eat and will help keep your bellies full until you get off the boat.

3. Plan Some Entertainment

Ensure that nobody gets bored on the boat by planning some entertainment for you and your date to indulge in. Bring along some lotion so you can give each other back rubs on the boat's sundeck after a swim. Pack a deck of cards and make some friendly wagers during a game of flirty poker. And make sure paper and a pen are available so you can write each other poems as the sun goes down at the end of the day.

With the help of the prep steps outlined here, you should have no problem planning a romantic day on the lake that will want to make your date keep coming back for more.