Dump Truck Rental Questions

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Dump Truck Rental Questions

5 March 2018
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Sooner or later you'll need a dump truck on a construction site. If you've already secured one for your work but need another one, renting it is a wise idea. Renting saves you from having to maintain or store an entirely new vehicle you might not need a lot of the time. Just ask these truck rental questions before you have one sent.

What Will Be Loaded?

Depending on what you're working with, there might be all kinds of different contents being dumped. To save space and help the environment, it may be worth asking what you'll be dumping and what you'll be recycling. For example, concrete blocks are recyclable, so dumping them with general trash isn't wise.

It's also worth asking the rental company whether they have any objects that they'd prefer you not drop into their truck. For instance, liquids are often frowned upon because of they can be flammable or spill in the truck or onto the road.

Who Will Dump the Load?

Some rental companies will simply take trucks off your hands and dump the load for you, but some will not. Ask beforehand so that you don't have to think much about it when the truck is being used. You'll already know how the load will be disposed of.

Who Will Drive It?

Getting a driver is something so simple you might not even remember to consider it. Not all companies will contract out a driver along with a dump truck; this is usually fine if you've already got a worker or manager who will drive the truck around your site. However, if you can't spare anyone, ask about possible truck drivers that can step in. Some rental companies have a list ready to go.

Is There a Labor Schedule?

Once everything else has been worked out, you need to maximize the use of the truck you've rented. It doesn't make sense for the dump truck to be sent bright and early, only to sit on your site without being used. Speak to managers and site workers to come up with a labor schedule or plan so everyone can use the dump truck while it's on the site without idle time.

Dump trucks are useful for all kinds of work. Renting one gives you the ability to better complete that work. Ask these questions regarding dump truck rentals, and you're likely to have a better overall experience.