Three Reasons Why A Party Bus Is A Better Idea Than A Designated Driver

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Three Reasons Why A Party Bus Is A Better Idea Than A Designated Driver

24 November 2017
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Many communities operate "party buses" for Friday night bar hops. For a flat rate per person, everyone rides the bus from bar to bar, with a pre-selected list of bars for the "party" to go to. Almost no one on the bus knows each other, which makes the experience even more fun because you can meet a lot of new people this way. There are several more reasons why a party bus is a better idea than trying to drive around with a designated driver.

Everyone Drinks

A designated driver typically means that there is always someone in the group that has to drink soda or water all night. For that one person that opts out, it can be hard not to drink. On a party bus, everyone in the group can drink and be safe because the bus driver is the designated driver, and he/she is working and would not be drinking anyway.

No One Is Left Behind

Everyone who pays to get on the bus for the night gets on and off the bus together at designated times. No one is left behind. It is akin to taking a field trip in that everyone is accounted for. This helps prevent some violent crimes, as well as making sure everyone is safe. Only in the event that someone is displaying drunk and disorderly conduct is he or she ejected from the party bus. A cab is called to make sure the ejected person gets a safe ride home.

Everyone Is Dropped off on His/Her Doorstep or Shares a Cab Home

Owners and operators of party buses make sure everyone gets a safe ride home. Some companies offer curbside service to drop people off at their own homes. Other companies have a gathering place where cabs line up at the end of the night and take people home. However your party bus operates, you know you will always get home safely.

A Designated Driver Almost Always Involves a Friend

When you talk about a designated driver, you know that it will always be one of your friends or a friend of a friend. That limits you from meeting lots of new people because you are always traveling in your circle of friends and not in a wider, more diverse group. At the end of the night, you have to track down the designated driver to get home. If he or she has already left, you are stuck. That never happens on a party bus.

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