Flying To A New City? Here's Why Booking A Car Service Is Better Than Renting A Car

Are you planning a trip to a place you've never visited and aren't very familiar with? Learn why it can help having a guide.

Flying To A New City? Here's Why Booking A Car Service Is Better Than Renting A Car

25 April 2017
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When you're planning a trip by air to a city that you haven't previously visited, you might be dealing with mixed feelings. On one hand, you're likely excited to visit the new location, but on the other hand, you might be dreading having to navigate a new airport — and this can feel even worse if you're not a seasoned air traveler. You'll feel much more confident about your trip if you opt to arrange a car service. Having a car service pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel takes a lot of the fuss out of the entire process. Here are some reasons that this approach is superior to renting a car.

You Won't Have To Navigate The Airport

At large airports, you may have to walk a considerable distance — and potentially even take a shuttle —to go from the arrivals area to the car rental counter. In addition to taking plenty of time, this journey can also be stressful, especially if you've had a long day of travel. When you book a car service, your driver will be standing at the arrivals area with a sign featuring your name. This means that you simply have to look for this individual, who will then lead you to a waiting car, rather than you have to fuss over finding your way through the airport.

You Won't Have To Manage Your Luggage

By the time you reach your final destination, you're often fed up with carrying your luggage. This is especially the case if you've had a layover, as you'll have had to tote your luggage around the airport while waiting for your flight. When you rent a car, you'll have to carry or roll your luggage through the airport and then load it in the rental car. With airport transportation, your driver will take your luggage as soon as he or she meets you, which means that you'll no longer have this fuss.

You'll Get To Your Destination Quicker

It's a frustrating sight to finally reach the car rental desk and find yourself at the end of a long line. When you finally go through the paperwork to get your vehicle, it may be a challenge to find the quickest way out of the airport. With a car service like Stagecoach Transportation, you'll be comfortably seated in the back seat of a vehicle and on your way out of the airport before you'd have even reached the car rental area. Additionally, your driver knows the best routes to take, meaning you'll be at your hotel quickly.